An organization that continually learns and engages in its cause.

The Fundação Nossa Senhora Bom Sucesso actively participates in society/community initiatives in order to put Portugal as the leading country in the child health and education, believing that human development depends primarily on the competence and investment dedicated to these priorities.


Since 1951, the Fundação Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso has been dedicated to health and human development, with a special focus on the health of children and women, ensuring high-quality specialised services regardless of socio-economic status.

Our Mission: To be an institution focussed on health promotion and disease prevention, with a special focus on pregnancy, child and adolescent health and preventive approaches, pursuing the general good.

Our approach includes:

  • Health follow-up through planned screening and pre-scheduled medical consultations. This program enables early detection and diagnosis in a timely manner to make treatment easier and more effective. Users earlier can know and manage his/her own or their child's health;

  • Diagnosis, prescription and therapeutic activities and monitoring of the evolution of their medical conditions;

  • Health education program in order to provide each user and family the information that contributes to healthier lifestyle behaviour focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.


VISION - To be a model for children's healthcare, promoting health and human development, in a society that is aware of the importance of investing in the first years of life and promoting health.

We continually and systematically seek to promote health and human development, in order to build a healthier and more sustainable society.



The Foundation´s health model and the quality of its professionals meet the needs of its users. They are assured with quality health care and expectations are exceeded in the efficiency of health follow - up activities through scheduled appointments.

The Foundation's health approach focuses on monitoring the individual from the gestation (pre-natal) and especially during the first 18 years of life, with a screening program scheduled individually, monitoring the development process. This approach allows early detection and intervention of any health change, effectively contributing to the harmonious growth and development of a person, allowing their school integration and success, as well as their social integration and performance.

The Foundation recognizes and values the importance of the first days and years of life in the physical, mental and emotional development of each person. To this end, the Foundation identifies and monitors the main risk factors, stimulates the practice of healthy habits and lifestyles by the individual and family. This integrated and systemic approach, aim to enhance the conditions of human development, favouring personal happiness, and building healthier communities and future generations.

Recognizing each person as an individual and understanding their context. The screenings and health care provided by the Foundation attend to the needs and risk factors specific to any individual and to his/her life cycle.

The Foundation's health care services are available for all individuals and families, regardless of their socio-economic status, taking in consideration that health is one of the key factors to break the reproductive cycles of poverty and social exclusion.

The Foundation counts on the involvement of its employees, users, partners, providers and friends to maximize the social impact of its activities on the families served by the Foundation. By planning, continuously learning and evaluating the results of this intervention, the Foundation seeks to promote human development, generating healthier communities.

O Compromisso Pagamento Pontual é uma iniciativa da ACEGE em parceria com o IAPMEI.

The 'Pagamento Pontual' Commitment is an ACEGE initiative in partnership with IAPMEI. This commitment recognizes companies that have the responsibility to pay their suppliers on time, contributing to a sustainable economy.
The Foundation is one of the entities recognized by this program.