FNSBS has agreements with main insurer companies, others health systems, companies and other partners. In Oral Health program we also accept the "Dentist Checks" issued by the SNS (the Portuguese national health service).


Childhood is one of the most important development stages of the human being.

Our approach includes:

  • Child Health Program (Health Monitoring Activities), through scheduled screening that enables early detection of abnormalities and a timely diagnosis, making treatment easier and more effective;
  • Medical Diagnosis activities, therapeutic prescription and disease monitoring follow-up;
  • Health Education Activities, through the propagation of appropriate information such as individual interviews, workshops or in the form of leaflets or brochures raising awareness for healthy lifestyle adoption.

The Children's Health Program aims to provide children with a harmonious growth and development, optimizing all their physical, psychological, affective and social potentials.

At Fundação Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso the Child Health Program is carried out by a multidisciplinary team and includes the Children's Health, Hearing Health, Eye Sight Health, Oral Health and Cardiological Screening Programmes. These programmes are interconnected, accompanying the child from the first days of life up to 18 years old.

All Programmes are provided by specialised doctors (Paediatricians, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Paediatric Cardiologist) and specialized nurses. As for the Oral Health Programme, surveillance is still ensured by Oral Hygienists. Each child / family is referred to a nurse who monitors the entire surveillance process and to whom the family can refer whenever needed.

In addition to the scheduled health programmes, we also provide daily consultations for unexpected illnesses or medical conditions.

In addition to these Health Programmes we also provide different support:

  • Neurodevelopment Paediatrics;
  • Child psychology;
  • Language and speech therapy;
  • Psych-pedagogical Support / Psychomotricity;
  • Child Psychiatry;
  • Dento-Facial Orthopaedics;
  • Fixed Orthodontics;
  • Paediatric allergology;
  • Nutrition;
  • Echocardiograms and electrocardiogram;
  • Newborn Screening;
  • Vaccines.


The Child Health Program is the core for all other healthcare services. In the Children's Health Program, the emphasis on promoting and preventive care is made through the roll out of health screenings at key ages. These allow early detection, monitoring and management of situations that may interfere with the children's development. These screenings come under streams of Oral Health, Eye Sight Health, Hearing Health and Cardiology. Each screening has well-defined objectives, suitable for each phase of child development and based on scientific evidence.

Programa de Saúde da Criança

The role of the Family nurse

The Family Nurse has an essential role in the Foundation's success. The Family Nurse is the gatekeeper of all information about a family enrolled in the Children's Health Programme. Holistic and empathetic approaches by the Family Nurses allow the development of a strong and trusted relationship with each family. This helps the caregivers ensure that any health and welfare messages are more easily understood and accepted.

It is the Family Nurse and caregivers together who help develop a suitable monitoring strategy for each family, based on the health risk factors presented. This is adapted following the results of the various appointments and programmes that the family is part of.

A enfermeira de família